Selected Clips:

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What’s in the water? How citizen science can make vacation and conservation efforts more meaningful” (Adventure, 2023)

Wellness and outdoor adventure in Loreto, Baja California Sur” (Outdoors, 2023)

A Sled Dog Lover’s Guide to the World” (Outdoors, 2023)

2024 is the Year of the Aurora Borealis-Here’s Where (and When) to Go for the Best Chance of Seeing Northern Lights” (Outdoors, 2023)

Thru-Hike, Camp, and More in Jordan” (Outdoors, 2023)

Epic Outdoor Adventures to Have in Hokkaido, Japan” (Outdoors, 2023)

The Land of Extremes: Experience Fire and Ice in South Iceland” (Outdoors, 2023)

9 of the Best Accommodations in the World for Spectacular Stargazing” (Outdoors, 2023)

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12 Expert tips for a cozy fall picnic” (Outdoors, 2023)

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5 outdoor books to ignite your sense of adventure” (Outdoors, 2023)

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Risk of conflict between humans and polar bears rises as Arctic melts” (Yale Climate Connections, 2023)

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8 Unique kayaking experiences, from bioluminescence to oyster farms” (Outdoors, 2023)

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Walk to 88 Forested Temples on This Epic Long Hike in Japan” (Thrillist, 2022)

Seaweed is a superfood you can forage. Here’s how.” (National Geographic, 2022)

Want to help California’s kelp forests? Eat sea urchins.” (National Geographic, 2022)

Getting up close to the bears of Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park” (Smithsonian, 2022)

Fodor’s 2023 Go List: Cairns” (Fodor’s, 2022)

Where to go in Australia based on your travel style” (Fodor’s, 2022)

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10,000 crocs and the world’s only black wallaroos: Wildlife in Kakadu National Park” (Matador, 2022)

Where to Eat & Stay in Jackson Hole” (The Infatuation, 2022)

Studying hurricanes at sea to save lives on shore” (Yale Climate Connections, 2022)

The best state parks in Wyoming: hot springs, cool lakes and incredible views” (Lonely Planet, 2022)

Wyoming’s best campgrounds for RV and tent campers” (Lonely Planet, 2022)

9 amazing places to visit in Wyoming for big nature, outdoor adventure and cool towns” (Lonely Planet, 2022)

The Kindness of Strangers” (page 48, Ensemble Extraordinary Experiences, 2022)

Jackson Hole Seeks a Better Tourism Future” (Western Confluence, 2022)

Hideaways: CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa” (Essentialist, 2022)

Inside the growing movement to share science through quilting” (Smithsonian, 2021)

Ever wanted to volunteer for a scientific expedition? Here’s how” (National Geographic, 2021)

Thawing permafrost prompts Denali National Park to reimagine its future” (National Geographic, 2021)

In Malaysia, Recycled Fire Hoses Help Make Way for Endangered Langurs” (Atlas Obscura, 2021)

Wild Wonders in the North Atlantic” (Ensemble Extraordinary Experiences, 2021)

Artists chronicle climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic” (Yale Climate Connections, 2021)

Science of Road Ecology” (Western Confluence, 2021)

Road Noise” (Western Confluence, 2021)

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Can this Wyoming town save its summer tourism season?” (National Geographic, 2020)

How scientists are keeping irreplaceable research going during the COVID-19 pandemic” (Smithsonian, 2020)

Coastal Job: Polar Bear Guard” (Hakai, 2020)

Released to the wild: Unwanted pets take a toll on ecosystems” (Western Confluence, 2020)

Cancer to the rescue? A potential solution to invasive mussels” (Western Confluence, 2020)

You outta master these quirky customs if you want to hang out here” (Fodors, 2020)

Can the world’s first hybrid cruise ship make Antarctic voyaging ‘greener’?” (Adventure, 2020)

Sustainable Antarctica” (Ensemble Travel, 2020)

“Extinct flower rediscovered in Hawaii, via drones” (National Geographic, 2019)

“Trailblazing Engineer Irene Peden Broke Antarctic Barriers for Women” (Smithsonian, 2019)

“What it takes to do climate research in the Arctic” (Yale Climate Connections, 2019)

Look Up: 8 of Canada’s Best Stargazing Destinations” (Budget Travel, 2019)

Glacier and Bears and Views, Oh My!” (Montecristo, 2019)

Spot sandhill cranes in Idaho this fall” (Visit Idaho, 2019)

Scientists plan year locked in ice to unlock Arctic climate change data” (Yale Climate Connections, 2019)

Tag responsibly: A new campaign encourages thoughtful geotagging to protect wild spaces” (Roadtrippers, 2019)

Clearing the Way” (Big Sky Journal, 2019)

High school students do research in Greenland” (Yale Climate Connections, 2019)

Great Escapes: Manitoba” (National Geographic Traveler, 2018)

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Dwindling Sea Ice Brings Polar Bears in Conflict With Humans” (Discover, 2018)

“Avant-Garde Gonads” (Hakai, 2018)

The Snowplane Capital of the World” (Big Sky Journal, 2018)

“Warming can make winter camouflage a liability” (Yale Climate Connections, 2018)

“The Poo-Poo Project is Saving Birds from a Dirty Demise” (Atlas Obscura, 2018)

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“Flock Together: Join the Migration” (Backpacker, January 2018) (part one, part two)

Where in the National Park System Should You Pitch Your Tent or Park Your RV?” (National Parks Traveler, Summer 2018) (See page 16)

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Another Kind of Nightlife” (Big Sky Journal, 2016)

National parks respond to climate change” (Western Confluence, February 2016)

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“Hike Back in Time” (Backpacker, March 2016)

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“Destinations: Sacramento, California” (Beer Advocate, October 2015)

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